Monday, December 19, 2011

Still at the party
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19 December 2011 A Christmas party full of fun. The day started at 9h30 when Tia fetched Louise and Larisa from the church - as well as two large bowls of meat, more than a 100 bread rolls, 100 packets of chips, 50 boxes of sarties and 2 5 liter icecreams.
Anneke and Sjaak paid for the food. It was so good.
We left for the Motherwell office and were soon joined by Roos and Manon, 2 Dutch volunteers who came to help with putting up baloons etc. Everyone has a job. Larisa buttered the rolls and Sarah and myself helped wherever we could. Louise in charge of us. When this was done Roos,Manon, Tia and Ryan went in 3 vehicles to fetch the children. In the meantime Grace from Lighthouse Family Church arrived with all the presents and a magician and her helper.
The party started close to 13h00 with a short DVD , then lunch, then the magician and then Father Christmas and the presents.
The children left tired and satisfied with arms full of presents and sweets and chips and Christmas cards from Thijment and Els in Holland.
A big thank you to
Grace from Lighthouse Family church,Sjaak and Anneke,The magician and her helper, Roos and Manon, Louise, Larisa, Sarah and Ryan from Family Restoration Series., the mothers and the children
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